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Networking and Cooperation among Subjects in Geoinformatics




The project Networking and Cooperation among Subjects in Geoinformatics (GeoInfoNET) is supported by the Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme, under the priority axis Tertiary Education, Research and Development and in the areas of support Partnerships and Network.

The project is focused on cooperation among the parties interested in the education, research, development and the application of geoinformatics (GI). Geoinformatics, as a young application field, is going through a development and it is infiltrating into many fields of human activity. There has been a development of knowledge, but there has been no sharing of it.

The subject of the project is the strengthening of the partnership and cooperation among partner institutions. During the project, the cooperating subjects are going to create a network GeoInfoNET dealing with all areas of geoinformatics. It will increase the mutual awareness of educational, research and application activities. It will also enhance cooperation with the joint solving of tasks and the organizing of the events to share the latest knowledge.

The improved cooperation among the subjects will be reflected positively on the level of the tertiary education, research and implementation of the current knowledge into the practice. The sharing of the knowledge will promote their availability for the target group who are the employees and students of organizations attached to the network. The aim of the project GeoInfoNET is the creation of a network from the institutions dealing with geoinformatics in the field of education (on the bachelor, master and especially doctoral level), development of GI tools and GI applications in the various fields. Part of this aim is also the development of cooperation and the strengthening of relations among the involved subjects and the establishment of a common strategy for the development of knowledge in the field of GI in the Czech Republic. The deeper cooperation among the subjects of GeoInfoNET network will contribute to a better and faster transfer of knowledge. This will create an environment for the professional and personal development of the staff and students involved in the subjects, it will increase the prestige of the field and it will support the competitiveness and strengthen the flexibility of a response to the demand for specialists from the application sphere. The basis for closer cooperation in the future will be laid by the building of teams of the students and staff from various departments during the research fellowship.


Leader of the project is Palacký University in Olomouc

Partners of the project:


- University of West Bohemia

- VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava

- Mendel University in Brno




Key activities of project:

KA1: Creation of cooperation network GeoInfoNET


The network GeoInfoNET will be the means to find common topics for partner cooperation, to improve communication between partners, to increase the extent of cooperation and to activly search for excursions and research fellowships. Within this activity, the professional staff will provide the information about the organizations, their focus and activities; they will present their results and offer the future potential.


KA2: Best practices

The members of the network GeoInfoNET will send the teams of the target group to view good practices. This will be done by research fellowships designed to see the systems and methods of networking in the networks with similar aims abroad. Each year of the project realisation, the two teams (or one team) will be sent by each partner of the project into the already operating foreign networks for two weeks (or 4 weeks). They will convey the acquired information as a lector of Best practices to the other members of the GeoInfoNET network in the form of a lecture, an article for the web and printed material.


KA3: Educational block

The expert workers from Palacký University in Olomouc and VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava will ensure the fulfilment of this activity. This includes the organization of excursions for the target group of students and staff to improve practical skills and knowledge about new findings. The training courses will be designed to increase the communication skills, personal development and professional growth and to enhance the application of the target groups at the labor market are another part of this activity. Information about courses and excursions will be on the project website.



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